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With over 75 years of combined aircraft maintenance experience ,Code 1 Mx guarantees the most effective, consolidated training for your FAA A&P and FCC GROL licensing in the military aircraft maintenance field.


Recently completed both A&P and GROL Courses. They are constantly expanding and growth the learning environment and will work with you to get the courses done. The instructors work hard to make sure you are ready form all the tests and make the learning experience easy and fun. Highly recommend you check out Code 1 Mx!!!

Brian Grenda

Great GROL testing program and A&P program is straight forward to get it as fast as possible. Great setup here in Tucson. Would recommend


Great program catered specifically for Veterans. GROL+Radar in only 3 days!

Matthew Hillmer

Code 1 Mx School House

 2115 E Valencia Rd Suite 181-2, Tucson, AZ 85706